Check TLS versions used on a VMware vCenter Virtual Appliance

My security team asked me if vCenter Virtual Server Appliance is using TLS and if so, what would be the version of TLS. I answered that VCSA is using TLS 1.2, however they wanted some kind of proof it was true. The idea was to produce screenshot. But how check which TLS version is running your vCenter Server?

Here is a solution:

  • Log in to the vCenter Server.
  • Enable bash, if it is not enabled already:
shell.set --enabled true
  • Go to the VcTlsReconfigurator directory:
cd /usr/lib/vmware-TlsReconfigurator/VcTlsReconfigurator
  • Run the command to initiate the scan:
./reconfigureVc scan

As a result of this command you should see list of services and TLS version used:

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