Home Lab

The decision has been made! After receiving the vExpert award there is no other way but to build a home lab to test all the goodies in VMware offer and make great blog posts about them. In this section of my blog, you will take a journey with me on how my home lab becomes reality.

  1. Sourcing the parts                       VIDEO PLAYLIST
  1. Building the server
  2. Building the lab – concept
  3. Installing ESXi server on local PC
  4. Customizing ESXi server, adding vMotion and Storage
  5. Deploying and setting up a DNS Server with PhotonOS
  6. DNS over HTTPS in Unbound – Extra step for a home lab
  7. Deploying Windows Domain Controller and DNS
  8. Installing vCenter Server, adding hosts, using vMotion with local storage
  9. Let’s join our vCenter Server to the domain
  10. Let’s add vROps to our environment