VMware announced vSphere+ and vSAN+ to simplify operations with infrastructure management


VMware with the announcement of vSphere+ promises to bring the benefits of cloud to on-premises workloads by deploying high value cloud services to easily build, run, manage, and secure traditional and next-gen applications. It looks like natural evolution of where VMware services and solutions are heading which is obviously to the cloud. VMware vSphere + allows customers to connect on-premises vSphere environments into VMware Cloud Console. It allows for vSphere admins to see entire landscape of the vSphere envirnoment accross whole organisation. vSphere + allows to have a single pane of glass interface for managment, monitoring and security.

Source: https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2022/06/vmware-vsphereplus-introducing-the-multi-cloud-workload-platform.html

To put this announcement in simple terms, vSphere+ is a global vCenter in the cloud, centralized location which manages all vCenters and all ESXi servers.

vSphere+ adds management layer to have all components of vSphere manage from centralized location.

More in depth information are available on vSphere+ official website: https://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere.html


vSAN+ is premier hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offering which extends vSAN’s capabilities to now deliver cloud-connected services, which help IT administrators to centralize management and enhance efficiency of their vSAN environment. vSAN+ builds on the benefits customers receive from vSphere+ and is an output of Project Arctic.

Same way as vSphere+, vSAN+ connects all vCenter services to single, centralized managment in VMware Clould.

While public clouds have attracted many workloads, enterprises are choosing to keep many of their workloads on-premises or in private clouds for three key reasons:

  • Economics: The cost of cloud computing, and managing infrastructure sprawl, is an ongoing challenge. In addition, many businesses want to get the most out of their existing investments in on-premises infrastructure
  • Physics: As most data is stored on-premises, the applications and infrastructure that rely on that data need to be close due to latency, throughput, and performance requirements
  • Laws and Regulations: Due to various legal and compliance reasons, many companies want to keep their applications and data on infrastructure they manage

Customers want to bring more of the benefits of cloud to their data centers, including centralized management, reduced operational burden, developer-ready infrastructure and simple, flexible payment models. With vSAN+, customers can take the next step by connecting their core data center and edge deployments to the cloud.

Source: https://blogs.vmware.com/virtualblocks/2022/06/28/announcing-vsan-plus/

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