.NEXT conference, day 1 – recap

Greetings from Barcelona, where the first day of the .NEXT conference organized by Nutanix has just wrapped up! I want to share my impressions and thoughts on this event.

The first thing that caught my attention was the strategic partnership between Nutanix and Dell. Their collaboration aims to create something akin to VxRail, humorously called NxRail. This is a really intriguing initiative, especially since it allows users to leverage their existing hardware.

Another significant highlight was the partnership with NVIDIA. Nutanix announced that they are working intensively on integrating AI solutions to improve the performance and functionality of their products. This shows how seriously they are taking technological development and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

The topic of modern storage solutions also came up. Nutanix announced plans to introduce external storage, a significant change from their traditional HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) concept. This means that in the future, users will be able to connect external storage devices to their Nutanix systems.

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A lot of attention was also given to Kubernetes and containers. Nutanix is developing its cloud management tools in response to the growing demand for flexible and scalable cloud solutions. Their “build once, run anywhere” approach is promising and shows their commitment to making it easier for users to work in different environments.

Throughout the conference, the role of artificial intelligence was highlighted, appearing on almost every slide. Nutanix is definitely focusing on AI, which will undoubtedly contribute to the further development of their products.

I must also mention the sessions and workshops I attended. The session on AOS architecture was particularly interesting, presenting innovative solutions for data writing and disk management. The new approach to creating Performance and Capacity tiers aims to enhance the performance of Nutanix systems.

In summary, the first day of the .NEXT conference was full of inspiring sessions, exciting technological updates, and valuable meetings. I am excited to see what the coming days will bring and what other surprises Nutanix has in store for us. Keep your fingers crossed, and we will continue to fight and share the latest information with you!

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