.NEXT conference

As a VMware vExpert, I have been approached on LinkedIn to attend the Nutanix conference in Barcelona and explore the solutions and products they offer. The conference is called .NEXT and takes place in the same FIRA BARCELONA conference hall.

I arrived on Monday late evening and was accommodated at the SB Icaria Barcelona hotel. Although it is quite far from the FIRA, Nutanix organized shuttle buses from the hotel to the conference hall and back.

The downside is that the first labs start at 8:00 in the morning, which is a bit too early for me 😂. However, today I managed to get on the shuttle bus at 7:10 and arrived before the session started. Despite my initial concerns about the early start, the morning turned out to be quite productive. The lab sessions were engaging and informative, making the early wake-up call worthwhile.

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The shuttle service provided by Nutanix was efficient, ensuring a smooth commute from the hotel to the conference venue. It gave me some extra time to review the day’s agenda and mentally prepare for the sessions ahead. The early morning hustle also provided an opportunity to network with fellow attendees on the bus, which was a pleasant start to the day. Overall, while the early start was challenging, it was balanced out by the well-organized logistics and the valuable content of the sessions.

The registration process was smooth and hassle-free. I received my grey lanyard, which apparently is the code for vExperts.

Now, it’s time to start the journey through the conference and explore all that .NEXT has to offer. Watch this space for daily updates regarding the .NEXT conference as I delve into the various sessions, keynotes, and networking opportunities.

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