VMware Desktop Hypervisor Pro Apps: Free for Personal Use!

Broadcom has recently completed the integration of Fusion and Workstation into their product lineup, bringing some exciting updates for users. One of the most significant changes is the new licensing model for their desktop hypervisor products, Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro, which now includes a Free Personal Use option.

Introducing Free Personal Use
The new Free Personal Use license is a game-changer for everyday users. Whether you want to create a virtual lab on your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, you can now do so at no cost. Broadcom has made it easy for users to access this option by simply registering and downloading the latest build from their new download portal at www.support.broadcom.com. This move opens up powerful virtualization tools to a broader audience, allowing individuals to experiment, learn, and develop in a virtual environment without financial barriers.

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Simplified Commercial Licensing
For users who require a commercial use license, Broadcom has streamlined their product offerings to a single SKU (VCF-DH-PRO). This simplification replaces over 40 previous SKUs, making quoting and purchasing VMware Desktop Hypervisor apps, Fusion Pro, and Workstation Pro more straightforward than ever. The new Desktop Hypervisor app subscription is available for purchase through any Broadcom Advantage partner.

Celebrating a Legacy of Innovation
In my interactions with the community, I have consistently heard about the tremendous value that Workstation and, later, Fusion have provided over the past 25 years. Workstation’s legacy dates back to VMware’s very first product, originally named “VMware 1.0,” which was released on May 15th, 1999.

Broadcom’s commitment to innovation continues with these new licensing models, ensuring that both casual users and professionals have access to the tools they need. The Free Personal Use license, in particular, democratizes access to powerful virtualization software, helping to build the careers of many software and IT professionals.

For the full story, check out Michael’s (Product Line Manager for Desktop Hypervisor products )posts on the Fusion and Workstation blogs.

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