.NEXT conference, day 2 and 3 -recap

The second day of the conference was filled with exciting announcements and technical sessions. One of the most important topics was Nutanix’s collaboration with Dell, aiming to create something akin to VxRail, which Nutanix’s CEO humorously called NxRail. Interestingly, existing VxRail equipment can be used, which is a significant advantage for many companies.

Technologies of the Future

The conference was full of inspiring presentations on artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced storage solutions from Nutanix. The partnership with NVIDIA opens new possibilities in the realm of AI, and the development of HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) technology shows that Nutanix is constantly working to improve its products.

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Kubernetes and Containers

A lot of attention was also given to Kubernetes and containers. Nutanix is addressing various market needs by offering cloud management in a “build once, run anywhere” model. This approach ensures flexibility and convenience for users.

Grand Party

The highlight of the second day was an extraordinary party in the style of Salvador Dalí. Participants enjoyed exquisite food and drinks in an environment inspired by the surrealistic works of this great artist. The atmosphere was amazing, with the evening full of conversations, music, and unique experiences.

Third Day: A Technical Finale

The third day of the conference brought many valuable sessions, wrapping up this fantastic event.

Technical Sessions

The day started with several technical sessions focused on Disaster Recovery (DR), OpenShift, and a special session for vExperts. These topics were particularly important for IT professionals who wanted to deepen their knowledge and learn more about the latest trends and solutions in these areas.


As we conclude the conference, I must admit that these three days were full of inspiring presentations, interesting workshops, and fruitful discussions. Nutanix has certainly shown that it is ready to compete with the biggest players in the market, and its innovative approach to HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) and cloud management is noteworthy.

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