vCenter Converter 6.4 Public Beta Released – Exciting New Features Await!

Hello virtualization enthusiasts! Today, we have some exciting news to share with you. The vCenter Converter team has just released a public beta for their next upcoming 6.4 release! This new version is packed with new features and updates that will undoubtedly improve your virtualization experience.

Join the Beta Program to Experience the Latest Updates in vCenter Converter 6.4!

If you are already a vCenter Converter beta participant, simply head over to the vCenter Converter Beta Community here to download the latest release. If you haven’t joined the Beta program yet, don’t worry! You can register for free at this link and start exploring the new updates in vCenter Converter 6.4.

So, what’s new in vCenter Converter 6.4? Here are the highlights:

  1. Support for vSphere 8: The new vCenter Converter now supports the latest vSphere 8 version.
  2. Convert Amazon EC2 instances: This highly requested feature enables you to convert an Amazon EC2 instance to a vSphere-based VM!
  3. Added support for NVMe and paravirtual SCSI disk controllers.
  4. Compatibility with virtual machines up to hardware version 20.
  5. Support for VMware vCenter version 8.0 and VMware ESXi version 8.0.
  6. Compatibility with VMware Workstation version 17 and VMware Fusion version 13.
  7. Added conversion support for UEFI secure boot and Microsoft VBS.
  8. The improved overall security of vCenter Converter.

For more detailed information on the latest features and updates, please refer to the release notes which can be found here.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to test and provide feedback on these exciting new features! Join the vCenter Converter 6.4 Beta program today, and contribute to shaping the future of virtualization technology.

Happy converting!

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