Embrace the Power of PowerCLI 13.1: Innovative Modules, Enhanced vSAN Capabilities, and Beyond

Hot on the heels of the exhilarating Power Actions debut, VMware proudly presents another groundbreaking release – PowerCLI 13.1

This version ushers in a long-awaited PowerCLI feature – a PowerCLI module for vSphere Replication, utilizing the same foundation as our auto-generated modules for NSX and vSphere REST APIs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the remarkable aspects of this PowerCLI release.

Revolutionary SDK Modules for SRM and vSphere Replication:

SRM and vSphere Replication 8.6 versions introduced new REST APIs, including vSphere Replication’s inaugural public API. This development allowed us to auto-generate PowerCLI modules for these offerings, akin to NSX and vSphere. PowerCLI examples are now accessible directly in the vSphere Replication and SRM REST API documentation. Additionally, we’re crafting a dedicated blog post to showcase the application of these modules in various use cases.

Enhancements in vLCM:

PowerCLI 13.1 brings forth new parameters for the Set-VMHost cmdlet, enabling you to configure the ESXi host LCM in a manner similar to the cluster LCM configuration. This feature is exclusively supported in vSphere 8.0 Update 1. Furthermore, we’ve incorporated cmdlets for generating new LCM offline depots via PowerCLI.

Innovative vSAN Cmdlets:

PowerCLI 13.1 offers a plethora of new vSAN features, including cmdlets for vSAN remote datastore administration, direct disk control, and vSAN cluster termination.

Updates for VMware Cloud Director:

For VMware Cloud Director, we’ve revamped the authentication mechanism of Connect-CIServer to align with the new vCD API authentication endpoint. This adjustment ensures the cmdlet’s compatibility with upcoming vCD versions. We’ve also refreshed the Import-CIVappTemplate cmdlet to work with the most recent APIs, which may require modifying your Cloud Director scripts.

Expanded Python Version Support for ImageBuilder Module:

With PowerCLI 13.0, we adapted the ImageBuilder and AutoDeploy modules to function on Linux and MacOS, necessitating Python as a prerequisite. Initially, these modules supported only Python version 3.7.x. PowerCLI 13.1 now accommodates Python 3.7.1 and subsequent versions for the ImageBuilder module.


PowerCLI 13.1 is a groundbreaking release brimming with innovative features, such as the in-demand vSphere replication module, a new SRM module, cutting-edge vSAN cmdlets, amplified support for vLCM, and more. For a comprehensive overview of enhancements and fixes, consult the PowerCLI 13.1 Release Notes. For additional information on specific cmdlets, refer to the PowerCLI Cmdlet Reference.

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