Critical Alert: VMware Aria Operations for Logs Certificate Expiration & How to Address It

If you’re using VMware Aria Operations for Logs (formerly known as VMware vRealize Log Insight), it’s essential to be aware of an urgent update regarding the internal certificate of all vRealize Log Insight deployments. These certificates are set to expire on April 30th, 2023, and failing to address this issue before the deadline could lead to disruptions and outages in your operations.

Thankfully, VMware has been proactive in addressing this issue by publishing Knowledge Base Article KB91441. This article provides users with detailed information about the certificate expiration, recommended remediation steps, and a workaround to update both certificates or just the internal Cassandra certificate as needed.

Furthermore, VMware is actively working on an updated version of vRealize Log Insight (Aria Operations for Logs) set to be released before the April 30th deadline. This upcoming release will include a fix for the certificate expiration issue, ensuring a smooth transition for users.

As an independent observer and advocate for users of VMware products, I strongly recommend reviewing KB91441 and taking the necessary steps to address this critical issue before the deadline. This will help you avoid potential downtime and maintain seamless operations.

In case you need any assistance or support with the recommended remediations, don’t hesitate to reach out to VMware’s Global Support team by submitting a Support Request (SR).

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