How to reset the administrator@vsphere.local password

As for security standards, passwords should be kept in a secure vault, and admins should have access to them. Sometimes however passwords are getting lost or admin can get some environment handed over with no passwords. In those articles, I describe how to recover a root password for VCSA and PhotonOS. Today I will show you how to recover passwords for administrator@vsphere.local.

NOTE: This procedure is valid for VCSA 6.x and 7.0.

Here is a run list:

  • SSH to your VCSA with root credentials
  • If needed change to BASH shell
  • Run the command:
  • Select option number 3 -> Reset account password
  • Please enter account UPN -> administrator@vsphere.local

NOTE: VCSA will generate a random password for the account provided. Please take note of that password.

NOTE: I used a dummy account testaccount@vsphere.local, which I created to show you a process.

  • Log in to vCenter as administrator@vsphere.local using a new generated password.
  • Go to the top-right side where the username is displayed
  • From the drop-down menu select Change Password
  • Change password to desire one.

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