PowerCLI 12.5 – What’s New – Get-VIApplianceService

The new version of PowerCLI has been released by VMware in January. It contains a bunch of new features with one particularly interesting cmdlet Get-VIApplianceService.

Get-VIApplianceService retrieves the vCenter appliance services. You can filter services by name and state.

There are 4 new cmdlets that have been introduced with PowerCLI 12.5:

  1. Get-VIApplianceService – Retrieves vCenter Server Appliance Services
  2. Start-VIApplianceService – Start vCenter Server Appliance Service
  3. Stop-VIApplianceService – Stop vCenter Server Appliance Service
  4. Restart-VIApplianceService – Restart vCenter Server Appliance Service

Read how to upgrade your PowerCLI module – > How to upgrade PowerCLI in PowerShell

NOTE: You may encounter a certificate error while updating the existing PowerCLI module via Update-Module. This is due to the fact that the certificate Vmware used to sign the modules was replaced with a new one from a new publisher. To resolve this issue, you may be required to delete the existing module and re-install the module with the Install-Module cmdlet.

Read how to fix missing Get-VIApplianceService after upgrade -> FIX: After upgrade PowerCLI to 12.5 there is no Get-VIApplianceService Command

New AWS Outpost cmdlet

Get-VmcOutpost allows to etrieve the outposts available in the VMC organization. Also, a New -Outpost parameter has been added to the New-VmcSddc cmdlet to allow specifying the outpost to create an SDDC on.

VM Related Enhancements

With this PowerCLI release, VMware added new parameters to help admins to set up CPU Hot add/remove and memory hot add on a virtual machine. Also, new parameter for encrypted migration has been added.

  • -CpuHotAddEnabled, Enable CPU Hot Add
  • -CpuHotRemoveEnabled, Enable CPU Hot Remove
  • -MemoryHotAddEnabled, Enable Memory Hot add
  • -MigrationEncryption, Enables Encrypted Migration

These parameters can be used with the Set-VM and New-VM cmdlet.

Please check out the release notes for more information on the bug fixes and resolved issues.

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