Where is vCenter Converter / Standalone Converter?

vCenter Converter Standalone is a product to convert virtual and physical machines to VMwarevirtual machines. You can also configure existing virtual machines in your vCenter Server environment.

As of the 2nd of February, VMware decided to remove this software from the VMware Download website. You can still download it from third-party websites like:

However please bear in mind that this solution was not in fact getting any updates since 2018. As per the statement from VMware, it has been removed due to security and stability concerns.

Offering unsupported products based on legacy technology presents potential security and reliability risks to our customers. The last release of vCenter Converter occurred in May 2018, and its support officially ended in December 2019. While we understand some customers may want to use this tool, the risks reached a level where we had no choice but to remove it from the download site.


In the same article, VMware assure that they are working on the new solution for P2V, however, there is no timeframe.

Work on a renewed version of vCenter Converter is already in progress. Although we cannot commit to any specific timelines for its release


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