How to check if VMs are running snapshots using vROps 8.6

We all know that snapshots can grow very quickly, hence in our best interest, as admins, is to make sure VMs are not running on snapshots longer than a few (the less the better) days. Of course, we can run quick PowerShell code to check our inventory, but if you like me like visual content, vROps is a very useful tool.

We can also use vROps to delete snapshots for us, but I will make a special video about this soon, so please stay tuned and observe my blog.

Let’s check vROps and see if we have some snapshots:

  1. Login to vROps
  2. Go to RECLAIM tab on the left pane.
  3. Choose datacenter you want to check
  4. On the bottom you will see options:
    1. Powered Off VMs
    2. Idle VMs
    3. Snapshots
    4. Orphaned Disks
  1. Pick Snapshots
  2. Pick VM

You can see snapshots on the right-hand side. From here you can also delete it or schedule action, however, I will guide you through this process soon.

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