The list of VMware vCenter server services:

vCenter Server 7.x services:

vmware-vmon VMware Service Lifecycle Manager
vmonapi VMware Service Lifecycle Manager API
vmafdd VMware Authentication Framework
vmdird VMware Directory Service
vmcad VMware Certificate Service
lookupsvc VMware Lookup Service
vmware-sca VMware Service Control Agent
vmware-stsd VMware Security Token Service
vmware-rhttpproxy VMware HTTP Reverse Proxy
vmware-envoy VMware Envoy Proxy
vmware-netdumper VMware vSphere ESXi Dump Collector
vmware-vapi-endpoint VMware vAPI Endpoint
vmware-vpxd-svcs VMware vCenter-Services
vmware-perfcharts VMware Performance Charts
applmgmt VMware Appliance Management Service
vmware-statsmonitor VMware Appliance Monitoring Service
vmware-cis-license VMware License Service
vmware-vpostgres VMware Postgres
vmware-postgres-archiver VMware Postgres Archiver
vmware-vdtc VMware vSphere Distrubuted Tracing Collector
vmware-vpxd VMware vCenter Server
vmware-eam VMware ESX Agent Manager
vmware-vsm VMware vService Manager
vmware-sps VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service
pschealth VMware Platform Services Controller Health Monitor
vmware-rbd-watchdog VMware vSphere Auto Deploy Waiter
vmware-content-library VMware Content Library Service
vmware-imagebuilder VMware Image Builder Manager
lwsmd Likewise Service Manager
vmcam VMware vSphere Authentication Proxy
vmware-vcha VMware vCenter High Availability
vmware-updatemgr VMware Update Manager
vmware-vsan-health VMware VSAN Health Service
vsphere-ui VMware vSphere Client
vmware-hvc VMware Hybrid VC Service
vmware-trustmanagement VMware Trust Management Service
vmware-certificatemanagement VMware Certificate Management Service
vmware-certificateauthority VMware Certificate Authority Service
vmware-pod VMware Patching and Host Management Service
vlcm VMware vCenter Lifecycle API
vmware-analytics VMware Analytics Service
vmware-topologysvc VMware Topology Service
vmware-infraprofile VMware Infraprofile Service
wcp Workload Control Plane
vtsdb VMware vTsdb Service
vstats VMware vStats Service
observability VMware VCSA Observability Service
observability-vapi VMware VCSA Observability VAPI Service

vCenter Server Appliance Services:

applmgmtVMware Appliance Management Service
vmware-cis-licenseVMware License Service
vmware-cmVMware Component Manager
vmware-eamVMware ESX Agent Manager
vmware-sts-idmdVMware Identity Management Service
vmware-invsvcVMware Inventory Service
vmware-mbcsVMware Message Bus Configuration Service
vmware-netdumperVMware vSphere ESXi Dump Collector
vmware-perfchartsVMware Performance Charts
vmware-rbd-watchdogVMware vSphere Auto Deploy Waiter
vmware-rhttpproxyVMware HTTP Reverse Proxy
vmware-scaVMware Service Control Agent
vmware-spsVMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service
vmware-stsdVMware Security Token Service
vmware-syslogVMware Common Logging Service
vmware-syslog-healthVMware Syslog Health Service
vmware-vapi-endpointVMware vAPI Endpoint
vmware-vdcsVMware Content Library Service
vmafddVMware Authentication Framework
vmcadVMware Certificate Service
vmdirdVMware Directory Service
vmware-vpostgresVMware Postgres
vmware-vpx-workflowVMware vCenter Workflow Manager
vmware-vpxdVMware vCenter Server
vmware-vsmVMware vService Manager
vsphere-clientvSphere Web Client
vmware-vwsVMware System and Hardware Health Manager
vmware-vsan-healthVMware vSAN Health Service

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