How to set up environment variable for Terraform on Windows for NSX-T

We are using GitHub as our repository for NSX-T and Terraform to apply changes in our vSphere environment. After change is review and merged to main branch it needs to be applied.

To apply changes to NSX-T it is simple command:

terrafrom apply

However I forgot to add user name and password for NSX-T

In terraform to set variables there is a command EXPORT, however if you are running your Terraform deployments on VS Code or PowerShell on Windows OS, EXPORT command doesn’t work. PS $format doesn’t work either.

Here is a snippet which will work:

Set-Item -Path env:NSXT_USERNAME -Value 'user_name'
Set-Item -Path env:NSXT_PASSWORD -Value 'password'

After setting up those variables the change went successfully.

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