How to Change the IP Address of an ESXi Host – vmk0 management network – NO DOWNTIME

NOTE: Although host should have connectivity via second NIC, should something happen to that NIC one will lose host and VMs, so proceed with caution.


  • The host MUST have 2 NIC connected
  • Port MUST be configured in trunk mode allowing mgmt VLAN
interface TenGigabitEthernet1/0/10
description Server
switchport trunk allowed vlan 4,5,12,100
switchport mode trunk
switchport nonegotiate
spanning-tree portfast trunk
  • Have a new IP ready 
  • Have new subnet mask ready
  • Create new portgroup on the DVS


  • Create Standard Switch
  • Move one physical NIC to a standard switch
  • Migrate vmk0 to that standard switch

How to remove one NIC from DVS:

  • Add standard switch
  • Migrate vmk0 to new standard switch
  • Disconnect host from vCenter
  • Remove host from Inventory
  • Connect to the host via SSH and execute the DCUI command, or Connect directly using the ESXi Host UI Client, or KVM to change the host IP Address
  • Check if the host is not in the LOCKDOWN mode
  • Go to Configure Management Network
  • Change VLAN if needed
  • Re-IP Host

NOTE: If you connected to the host via SSH or Connect directly using the ESXi Host UI Client, after changing the host IP Address, you will lose connection to the host but you can reconnect to the host via SSH, ESXi Host UI Client to the new IP address.

  • Change host IP Address in DNS
  • Refresh DNS info on your laptop
  • Refresh DNS info on vCenter Server by running systemctl restart dnsmasq

NOTE: If NSX is in use, add new IP to firewall

  • Reconnect host
  • Reconnect host to DVS
  • Migrate vmk0 back to DVS
  • Move physical NIC from the standard switch back to DVS
  • Remove standard switch

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