vCenter 7.0 Update 2 Upgrade Issue – Exception occurred in install precheck phase

vSphere 7.0. Update 2 is over 5GB large and promises a lot of new features. However upgrading your environment can proof difficult. Once I start to upgrade my DEV vCenter I came across this error:

Exception occurred in install precheck phase

Resume leads to pre-check and pre-check results in same error as above. At this moment even if I bounced vCenter, I was back to the screen with same error.

The only solution to recover from it was deleting update config file:

rm /etc/applmgmt/appliance/software_update_state.conf

As a workaround provide by few blogs was to pre-stage upgrade and run upgrade from the command line:

software-packages install --url --acceptEulas

NOTE: In my case staging gave error: ERROR COPYING PACKAGES , so this workaround did not work for me.

The only logic workaround for me would be to download VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance- then attache ISO to VC appliance VM and run upgrade from CD-ROM

NOTE: I did not go that road as I opened SR with VMware as it happened on my DEV environment I don’t need instant solution and I want to document the fix. Stay tuned!

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