Before and After vCenter FQDN and IP (PNID) change – IMPORTANT!

So you wanna change FQDN or IP of your vCenter? Here is a couple things to consider:


  • If you run vCenter in HA mode, you need to disable it
  • Must unregister solutions: SRM, vROps, vRNi etc


  • Regenerate and replace vCenter Server certificates
  • Configure vCenter Server High Availability
  • Add vCenter Server with an updated host name to Active Directory (AD) if it was configured with AD before the PNID change.
  • If you run HA mode for vCenter you need to configure it again with new PNID

NOTE: After the PNID change, the vCenter Server certificates are reset to VMware CA generated certificates.

If you consuider all of it and ready to make a change, please refer to this post:

vSphere 7 – How to change the FQDN and IP (PNID) Address of vCenter Server Appliance

Good luck!

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