VMware Introduces Beta Version of the New Host Client

VMware, a Broadcom company, announced the beta launch of the revamped VMware Host Client. This release is available exclusively to members of the vSphere Beta program, who are now invited to download and explore the newly designed GUI for ESXi management. For those not yet part of the program, VMware offers a simple registration process through a dedicated online form.

Why the Update?

VMware is addressing concerns regarding the older version of the VMware Host Client, which has encountered several issues related to technology and user experience. This older client is now in maintenance mode, with updates focused solely on critical security or operational issues. The introduction of this new Host Client reaffirms VMware’s commitment to enhancing user experience and addressing customer feedback.

Features of the New Host Client

The beta version of the new Host Client introduces a more intuitive interface that mirrors the familiar feel of the vSphere Client. This user-friendly interface supports both list and card layouts in data grids and incorporates quick, string-based filtering for efficient navigation.

Here’s a snapshot of the functionalities included in the beta release:

  • Host and VM Management: Users can manage basic flows for host and VM operations, including viewing host summaries, managing VM power operations, and editing VM settings.
  • Monitoring and Alerts: The new client offers capabilities for live monitoring of tasks and viewing alarms, events, and warnings pertinent to the ESXi host.
  • Datastore Management: Users can view details about and increase datastore capacity.

Compatibility and Installation

The beta version of the new Host Client is a web desktop application compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. It is designed to connect with both the latest and older versions of ESXi, enabling seamless integration across various installations. Users can save connection details to facilitate easy switching between servers.

Your Feedback Matters

VMware is actively seeking feedback on the new Host Client through a dedicated form available within the GUI. Participants in the beta test are also encouraged to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program, which helps VMware gather valuable telemetry data to further refine the software.

What’s Next?

The development team at VMware is committed to gradually enhancing the capabilities of the Host Client. Future updates will introduce advanced functionalities covering networking, storage management, and overall administration.

Transitioning from Legacy Systems

As the new Host Client moves forward, the legacy version will enter a deprecation phase but will remain supported in the next major release of vSphere. It will coexist with the new UI, but support will phase out with subsequent updates.

VMware will continue to provide regular updates on this transition and the enhancements to the new Host Client.

Stay tuned for further developments and enhancements, and don’t miss the chance to help shape the future of VMware’s products by participating in this exciting beta program!

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