VMware Live Site Recovery: Reinventing Disaster Recovery and Ransomware Protection

VMware has once again stepped up its game with the introduction of VMware Live Recovery, a comprehensive solution designed to safeguard applications across the hybrid cloud. As part of this new suite, two cornerstone products have undergone significant transformations: VMware Site Recovery Manager has been rebranded as VMware Live Site Recovery, and VMware Cloud DR is now known as VMware Live Cyber Recovery.

VMware Live Site Recovery: A New Era

VMware Live Site Recovery, formerly known as VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), represents a pivotal shift in VMware’s approach to disaster recovery. This innovative solution offers an on-demand, end-to-end disaster recovery strategy that leverages array-based, VMware vSphere Replication host-based, or VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) replication. What sets it apart is the seamless orchestration provided by VMware Live Site Recovery, which simplifies the recovery process, ensuring businesses can achieve rapid and reliable recovery in the face of disruptions.

Enhanced Features of VMware Live Site Recovery

  • Increased VM Protection: The latest iteration, Site Recovery Manager 9.0, boosts the maximum number of virtual machines per protection group to an impressive 1500, allowing for greater scalability.
  • Enhanced Replication Capabilities: Users now have the ability to reconfigure existing replications to utilize enhanced replication capabilities, ensuring more robust protection and faster recovery.
  • Integration with VMware Aria Automation: The VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator Plug-In for Site Recovery Manager 9.0 introduces new workflows, enhancing automation and simplifying operations.

VMware Live Cyber Recovery: Secure and Swift Ransomware Recovery

In response to the increasing threat of ransomware, VMware has also introduced VMware Live Cyber Recovery. This solution provides robust protection through a secure cyber recovery process, enabling a confident and accelerated recovery from ransomware attacks. It facilitates easy-to-use, on-demand disaster recovery delivered as SaaS, with the economic benefits of cloud technology.

Key Aspects of VMware Live Cyber Recovery

  • Cyber Recovery in Isolated Recovery Environment (IRE): VMware Ransomware Recovery allows for the inspection, analysis, and recovery of infected VMs within a VMware Cloud recovery SDDC, ensuring clean restoration to production environments.
  • Pre-deployment and Networking Best Practices: Resources such as the Pre-deployment Checklist and Networking Best Practices guide users through the setup process, emphasizing security and efficiency.

Unified Experience with VMware Live Recovery

VMware Live Recovery delivers a single management experience across different VMware Cloud Foundation environments, whether on or off-premises. It empowers users to manage services through a unified cloud-based SaaS interface, simplifying the consumption of disaster recovery services while offering flexible licensing options.

Resources and Further Reading

For those looking to dive deeper into the capabilities of these new offerings, VMware provides extensive resources, including operational limits, configuration maximums, and detailed user guides for both VMware Live Cyber Recovery and VMware Live Site Recovery.


With the introduction of VMware Live Recovery, VMware has solidified its commitment to providing advanced, scalable solutions for disaster recovery and ransomware protection. These rebranded solutions promise enhanced functionality and a streamlined experience that meets the demands of modern enterprises navigating complex hybrid cloud environments.

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