VMware Explore Barcelona 2023 – Recap!

The VMware Explore event was an exhilarating experience! Taking place at the Fira Gran Via Conference Centre in Barcelona from November 7th to 9th, 2023, I had the amazing opportunity to attend and present at this remarkable event. We plunged into the vibrant and dynamic world of multi-cloud, soaking up an array of Artificial Intelligence insights and the vast potential of multi-cloud technology. The event was a whirlwind of innovative demonstrations and intellectually stimulating discussions, sparking a newfound enthusiasm for the future of tech. Witnessing the groundbreaking advancements and technological leaps presented there, the excitement for what’s next in the realm of multi-cloud is palpable. As technology races forward at an unprecedented pace, VMware Explore has certainly set our minds racing with anticipation for the next developments in this thrilling multi-cloud journey.

New Releases of Products and Features!

  • vSAN MAX
  • NSX+
  • VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Ransomware and Disaster Recovery
  • Tanzu Application Engine
  • VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator – Police Interceptor Truck
  • VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA

The VMware Explore 2023 General Session was an exhilarating adventure for both technology aficionados and industry experts! Brimming with astonishing developments in AI and Large Language Models, the latest in application technology, revolutionary Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and the expansive potential of cloud computing, the event was a spectacle that left attendees in wonder. The session was a showcase of limitless innovation, demonstrating how these advancements are molding the future of technology. Attendees were poised on the edge of their seats, ready to ascend to unprecedented levels with VMware, as the event unfolded a world where possibilities knew no bounds.

VMware Explore is the place to meet old friends and make new ones.

I had the distinct pleasure of reconnecting with our vExpert community leaders, Corey Romero and Eric L. Nielsen, at the event. Regrettably, I missed the opportunity to meet with Matt Langguth. Notably, I had the privilege of engaging with esteemed professionals such as William Lam and Cormac Hogan. Additionally, it was a great honor to meet and interact with fellow vExperts including Marc Huppert, Cemre Guenay, Giovanni Dominoni, Luciano Patrão, Wouter Kursten, Andy Nash, Pawel Kubik, Pawel Wojno, among others. Their insights and contributions to the community were truly inspiring.

Let’s Talk About Snapshots! (Snapshots Explained) VMTN2646BCN

I had the distinct privilege of participating in the VMware Explore event in Barcelona, where I contributed to a VMTN session. This opportunity was not only a tremendous honor but also a very new experience for me, as it involved standing and facing the public. I delivered a presentation on a topic that has captured my current interest and is at the forefront of my ongoing video series: VMware snapshots. VMware snapshots are essential for ensuring data security, and refining system management within the realm of virtualization. My presentation took an in-depth look at the core principles underpinning VMware snapshots, offering comprehensive insights into their purpose, the advantages they bring, and the best practices for their deployment. During the session, we navigated through the intricate nuances of snapshot creation, proficient management, and strategies to steer clear of potential pitfalls. It was an enriching experience to unveil the keys to preserving data integrity and achieving operational excellence in a virtualized environment.

You can watch my presentation here:


VMware’s top executives revealed how the company is aiding clients and partners in adopting a strategically sound, cloud-intelligent approach to multi-cloud environments and digital overhaul.

Addressing the challenges posed by general AI, VMware introduced ‘Private AI’ as a solution. This architectural strategy strikes a balance between harnessing AI’s commercial benefits and meeting organizational privacy and compliance demands. VMware, in collaboration with leading partners like IBM, Intel, and NVIDIA, is making Private AI accessible to enterprises, offering an enlarged ecosystem that provides greater flexibility and options to customers and partners.

Data stands as the cornerstone of AI advancements. In a significant move, VMware, along with Google Cloud, announced a deepened partnership to bring Google Cloud’s AlloyDB Omni to VMware Cloud Foundation, initially focusing on on-premises private clouds. This collaboration allows for the modernization of existing databases and the creation of cutting-edge AI applications using this enterprise-grade, PostgreSQL-compatible database.

The VMware Explore 2023 Barcelona General Session featured Raghu Raghuram on the main stage, highlighting these developments.

Furthermore, VMware unveiled new enhancements, global outreach, and ecosystem solutions aimed at bolstering VMware Sovereign Cloud partners. These initiatives are designed to provide customers with increased agility, enhanced resilience, and accelerated innovation.

Setting the tone for the day’s showcase of technological innovations, VMware’s cloud management business group leaders shared the latest breakthroughs in cloud computing, applications, edge technology, and AI.

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