Introducing the Latest Updates in VMware Skyline Advisor: May 2023

The latest enhancements to VMware Skyline Advisor Pro have been unveiled, bringing a range of new features for users to enjoy. A concise summary of these features is provided below, and for more comprehensive information, users are encouraged to refer to the Skyline Advisor Release Notes. Take advantage of these exciting updates by logging into Skyline Advisor Pro today!

One notable addition is the support for subscriptions, catering to customers with VMware subscriptions such as vSphere+, vSAN+, and VCF+. With this enhancement, users can now leverage the capabilities of Skyline Advisor Pro within the context of their subscriptions. It’s important to note that the VMware Production Support level is currently assigned to all active subscriptions.

When an Entitlement Account (EA) and a Subscription coexist, access to Skyline is determined based on the higher Entitlement Account (EA) level. To gain access to Skyline, it is necessary to have at least one active or linked EA or subscription. However, it’s worth mentioning that once the last EA or subscription expires, the limited mode is activated.

For an overview of your current Entitlement Account (EA) and subscriptions, the Advisor Pro Dashboard provides comprehensive information, allowing you to stay informed about your account status and manage your subscriptions effectively.

Embrace these latest enhancements in VMware Skyline Advisor Pro and make the most of its advanced features and capabilities. Log in today to explore the new additions and take your experience to the next level!

Enhanced Subscription Activation in Skyline Advisor Pro Settings for Administrators:

Streamlined Support Request Tracking with Skyline Advisor Log Assist

Within the Log Assist page of Skyline Advisor, administrators can conveniently access and manage their Support Requests (SRs). This feature enables you to identify whether an SR is linked to an Entitlement Account (EA) or a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription.

Support Requests associated with an EA will be assigned a numeric ID, while those linked to a Subscription will receive an alphanumeric ID. This clear distinction allows for easy identification and tracking of SRs, ensuring efficient management of support-related activities.

Introducing New Proactive Findings in Skyline Advisor

Exciting updates have arrived in Skyline Advisor with the release of several new proactive Findings. These Findings cover a wide range of areas, including identifying security vulnerabilities, highlighting trending support issues, and much more. For detailed information about these new Findings, we encourage you to read the dedicated blog post available.

For any questions or clarifications regarding these announcements or any other Skyline-related topics, we invite you to visit the Skyline Community. This dedicated platform is designed to provide you with a space for discussion, assistance, and valuable insights from the Skyline community.

Important Tip for Skyline Collectors

If your Skyline Collectors are currently running v3.1, please note that a manual upgrade is required due to an issue related to the propagation of proxy configuration from the Skyline UI to the OS level through the backend service. This issue has been addressed in subsequent Collector versions, and the Auto Upgrade function is functioning as intended.

For step-by-step instructions on how to manually upgrade your Collectors, please refer to the comprehensive upgrade instructions provided in the corresponding Knowledge Base (KB) article. To fully leverage all the advanced features of Skyline, we highly recommend running the latest version, v3.4, of the Skyline Collector.

Stay up to date with the latest enhancements and ensure optimal performance by upgrading your Skyline Collectors to the latest version available.

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