NSX VIB’s cheat sheet

After the installation process, you will discover the following VIBs (VMware Installation Bundles) installed on the ESXi host:

nsx-aggservice: This service operates on management plane nodes and retrieves the runtime state of NSX-T components.

nsx-da: It collects data from discovery agents regarding the hypervisor OS version, virtual machines (VMs), and network interfaces.

nsx-esx-datapath: This component enables data-plane packet-processing functionality.

nsx-exporter: It provides host agents that report the runtime state to the aggregation service.

nsx-host: This component provides metadata for the VIB bundle installed on the host.

nsx-lldp: It offers support for the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).

nsx-mpa: This component facilitates communication between the NSX Manager and hypervisor hosts.

nsx-netcpa: It enables the communication between the Central Control Plane (CCP) and hypervisor hosts.

nsx-python-protobuf: This component provides Python bindings for protocol buffers.

nsx-sfhc: The Service Fabric Host Component (SFHC) serves as a host agent responsible for managing the lifecycle of the hypervisor as a fabric host.

nsxa: It handles host-level configurations such as N-DVS (Network Distributed Virtual Switch) creation.

nsxcli: This component enables the use of the NSX-T Command Line Interface (CLI) on hypervisor hosts.

nsx-support-bundle-client: It provides the capability to collect support bundles for troubleshooting purposes.

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