VMware Explore – Day 3 – The Expo, The Party

On the day number 3 it was finally time to dive in into the Expo Hall and see what the vendors have to offer.

There were a variety of vendors offering solutions for infrastructure, from management tools to ransomware protection. My eye caught one vendor offering DDI solution.

Of course apart from talking to vendors I hunt for swags. Grabbed quite few of T-shirts and socks. The best, for me was a Rubrik surprise. They prepared a meeting with ex-F1 driver Mark Webber! For me, as long Formula 1 supporter was the best tread.

After short interview, which I will post on my YouTube channel, once I back from Barcelona, was a time for selfie with Mark. Unfortunately, the print out of the photo isn’t great but Rubrik promised me, via Twitter DM, that digital copy will be provided.

Furthermore, as VMware is in partnership with Formula 1 team, McLaren, there were two simulators to test your driving skills. The track record was 1:06:098.

There was also Aston Martin simulator for WRC, but was not that cool as McLaren ones.

For me the day 3 was all about security. I took a part in the following sessions:

  • Enforcing a Strong Zero Trust Ransomware Defense
  • Multi-Cloud Network and Security with NSX
  • Use Zero Trust Principles to Protect your VMware Infrastructure

The 3rd day of Odyssey was all about NSX.

The party

VMware party was something everyone was looking for. The hall was huge, we have been welcome with hot food.

The variety of food was amazing, we had fast food, grill, pasta, pizza and the beer. The DJ played to make our dinner experience more pleasant.

After the food there was a time for the star band, which was ⬇️

Not my cup of tea, however once they sang “Don’t you” there was no single person who would not join in singing and dancing.

By the way, I prefer to watch the concerts through my own eyes rather then phone, I did not recorded it.

Stay tuned for day 4, lats day.

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