VMware Explore – Day 2 – Keynotes, Q&A session and vSphere 8 GA announced

The second day I was very early in to the Expo building. If you read my Day 1 summarization, you know that my Champion status lead to some perks. I arrived early as I was getting VIP seat to keynote, and was invited to Q&A session with CEO, Raghu Raghuram and President, Sumit Dhawan.

The key announcement of the European VMware Explore was General Availability (GA) of vSphere 8. As of 8th of November, vSphere 8 is GA. The second key announcement was a free tier of VMware Aria Hub.

With the new free tier, you may inventory, map, filter, and search resources from up to two of your native public cloud accounts, which can be either from AWS or Microsoft Azure for now.

VMware Arial Hub assist you in understanding the relationships between your resources, policies, and other critical components in your public cloud and Kubernetes environments. 

You also have access to CIS benchmark violation data from VMware Aria Automation for Secure Clouds, as well as list price costing for resources from VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth.

If you are interested in more details please click this link

Of course on the top of the mind of everyone is cloud transformation and how to change current approach from which is called “cloud chaos” also known as “cloud-first” to state of “cloud-smart”.

With a “cloud-smart” approach, organizations can capitalize on technological advancements that increase agility while decreasing costs—and reap the full benefits of the cloud.

After keynote, I was lucky enough to take a part in Q&A session with CEO, Raghu Raghuram and President, Sumit Dhawan.

I do have a recording of the session and I will release video on my YouTube channel, after I will back from Barcelona.

I met Corey Romero who built and manage VMware Communities, VMworld & Partner Exchange for VMware.

The second days was packed with sessions, I attended:

  • Technical overview of vSAN 8 and vSAN express storage architecture
  • Enterprise management of your Multi-Cloud Solution using VMware Tanzu Mission Control
  • Platform and Application security with NSX Antrea and Service Mesh
  • 10 Amazing Innovation in vSphere 8.

First time ever I took part in Odyssey game. The day was pretty busy. Stay tuned for day 3

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