How I lost and recovered my vCenter server

My network team is doing tech refresh and they decided that along with hardware change, they want to change IP range. Hence I was tasked to perform re-IP of vCenter.

You can read how to change IP of VCSA here :

I had to consider how to access my VCSA once I put it in to new portgroup on the new VDS. In order to have accessibility I added extra NIC to print server and put that NIC in new portgroup with IP of VCSA subnet. In this way I had Layer 2 connectivity.

For my bad luck the print server was located on the ESXi host which had connectivity issues due to port misconfiguration. Although I set up everything correctly, I lost my VCSA.

Now in this video I will show you how to recover if you mess up with IPs, or portgroups. Enjoy and learn 🙂

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