vCenter Server 7.0.x Appliance /storage/log partition error. Partition full due to excessive pod-startup.log files

Lately I notice that the vmware-pod service will not start. Furthermore one can see /var/log/vmware/pod contains thousands of pod-startup.log.###### files.

The /var/log/vmware/pod/pod-console.log contains the following errors:

2020-08-18T 7:01:01+0000 [__main__#INFO] Starting twistd service
2020-08-18T 7:01:04+0000 [__main__#ERROR] Got error while starting twistd service: Specified chain file '/etc/vmware/vmware-vmafd/machine-ssl.crt' doesn't contain any valid certificates in PEM format.

This issue occurs when the pod service repeatedly attempts to start but is not able to complete the process.

One known reason for this is that the service is unable to validate the certificate located in /etc/vmware/vmware-vmafd/machine-ssl.crt. This should be apparent by investigating the pod-console.log

As for now VMware has no fix, but there is a workaround available:

In the case of certificate validation failing on  /etc/vmware/vmware-vmafd/machine-ssl.crt, there may be an issue with the certificate format, where the file contains ^M characters after each line. Back up the certificate file and use a file editor such as VI to remove the extra characters.

  1. cp /etc/vmware/vmware-vmafd/machine-ssl.crt /etc/vmware/vmware-vmafd/orig-machine-ssl.crt.bak
  2. vi /etc/vmware/vmware-vmafd/machine-ssl.crt
    • Remove all ^M” characters from the file
  3. Save the file

NOTE: The vmware-pod service is not required to run vCenter Server in “on-premise” deployments. It can be disabled temporarily while troubleshooting. To disable the service, run the following command:

systemctl disable vmware-pod.service

To enable the service again, run:

systemctl enable vmware-pod.service

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