VxRail – Mellanox driver version compatibility issue with Finisar SFP

I have VxRail cluster version 7.0.100-26719865 and recommended version is 7.0.202-27047874. However once I run update it got corrupted as node 1 never boot up after reboot.

From vCenter view the node 1 was in not responding state.

From the iDrac of the node 1 view all NICs were down.

Once I rolled back to network connections went back online.

The model of SFP’s I am using is Finisar FTLF8536P4BCL

Once I changed SFP to Cisco one, server regain connectivity.

This is obvious incompatibility between Finisar SFP and Mellanox 14.28 NIC driver

Furthermore I have same issue with Dell R740 and R640 with Finisar SFP’s

Case is opened with Dell to investigate!

UPDATE ! New drivers 14.31 works with Finisar!

Stay tuned for update on this matter!

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