How to update your vCenter from ISO

I run to this very strange issue, where in the VAMI options to stage or install update are greyed-out. I have a case opened with VMware, however taking in to the account security advisory I decided to run update from ISO.

Here is the Runlist:

  1. Download ISO form Vmware website

NOTE: you will need to login

  1. Upload ISO to datastore.

NOTE: if you receive error message during upload or upload will not strat, more likely it is related to certificate. Download and install root certs from vCenter welcome page

  1. SSH to your VC
  2. Make sure that you are in appliance shell (NOT BASH)
  3. Run this comand:
software-packages stage --iso
  1. You can verify upgrade packages by running this command:
software-packages list --staged
  1. Run update:
software-packages install --staged

8. Be patient it will take some time! Job done!

Here is a video for step-by-step instruction:

If you need explanation or you do have any questions related to this script, please do not hesitate to leave the comment.

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