The Evolution of Carbon Black: A New Chapter Under Broadcom

In a significant development in the tech industry, VMware announced in December 2023 that Carbon Black, a leader in endpoint security, would become a standalone business unit within Broadcom. This decision follows Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware and marks a new chapter for Carbon Black, enabling it to operate independently with its management team and strategic direction.

Autonomy for Innovation

The separation of Carbon Black as a distinct entity is a strategic move that promises numerous advantages. With more autonomy, the company can now concentrate on its core business of endpoint security. This independence is expected to foster a competitive edge in the fast-paced cybersecurity market, where innovation and rapid adaptation are key.

Jason Rolleston, Vice President and General Manager of Carbon Black at Broadcom, expressed enthusiasm about this new phase, emphasizing the company’s commitment to delivering superior cybersecurity solutions. He believes that the new structure will enhance the company’s effectiveness in meeting customer needs.

Transition and Integration

The process of transitioning to a standalone business unit is anticipated to span several months, during which Carbon Black will be integrating its operations into Broadcom and establishing a distinct identity. This move is not only significant for Carbon Black but also for the broader cybersecurity industry, as it reflects a dedicated focus on addressing unique market demands.

Rolleston, who has been leading Carbon Black since last December, underscores the company’s increased focus and independence. With its own decision-making power, Carbon Black is poised to innovate and address challenges in cybersecurity detection and response more effectively.

Strategic Partnerships and Market Position

Carbon Black is eyeing VMware and Symantec as potential strategic partners within the Broadcom family. While immediate internal integration plans for Carbon Black have not been revealed, the possibility of synergizing with these companies indicates a strategic approach to enhancing its market position and service offerings.

Challenges and Future Directions

As Carbon Black moves into 2024, it plans to intensify its innovation efforts, focusing on persistent visibility, data-driven context, and flexible control in cybersecurity. This includes participating in over 40 industry events like the RSAC 2024.

However, challenges remain. Broadcom CEO Hock Tan hinted at potential operational trims, specifically mentioning VMware’s Carbon Black cloud security business. Analysts express concern regarding Broadcom’s focus on immediate profitability and its impact on Carbon Black’s future.


The transition of Carbon Black to a standalone business unit within Broadcom marks a pivotal moment in its journey. While the move offers new opportunities for growth and innovation, the path ahead is filled with both potential and challenges. As Carbon Black embarks on this new journey, the tech industry watches with keen interest, anticipating the company’s next moves in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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