How to upgrade vCenter Server to version 8.0 U2.

VMware vCenter Server 8.0 U2 is the latest minor update to the vSphere 8 platform. It includes a number of new features and enhancements, including:

  • Support for the latest ESXi 8.0 U2 hosts
  • New features for vSphere Lifecycle Manager, including support for rolling upgrades of ESXi hosts
  • Enhancements to vSphere security, including support for TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot

As the upgrade may not appear in the VAMI -> Update section, it needs to be downloaded first and then attached to the vCenter VM.

  1. Download the VC-8.0u2 patch.
  1. Mount the upgrade patch ISO on the vCenter Server.
  • Go to the properties of the vCenter Server Virtual Machine.
  • Connect the VCSA ISO to CD-ROM by browsing the datastore/content library.
  • Select the Connected checkbox and click OK.
  1. Login to VAMI https://<vcenter_server_ip_address>:5480
  2. Go to the Update menu, click “Check Updates
  1. You will find the upgrade patch listed; select the patch and click “Stage and Install“.
  1. Please agree to the license agreement and then click “Next“.
  2. Prior to proceeding, ensure you have backed up the vCenter Server and its associated databases. Select “I have backed up the vCenter Server and its associated databases“, and then click “Finish“.
  1. The upgrade process will start.
  1. After successful upgrade you will see this message:
  1. Also, you will see this message:

The Updates tab in the vSphere client can now be used to apply vCenter Server updates and upgrades using Reduced Downtime Upgrade. To learn more about the workflow and guidelines for using this feature, see

I plan to write a separate article about the new Downtime Reduction Upgrade feature.

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