VMware Explore 2023 Barcelona Expectations


After securing my full pass for VMware Explore 2023 in beautiful Barcelona, I am eager to delve into the conference’s expectations, especially in light of the event in Las Vegas, which was centered around the theme of “The journey to multi-cloud.” It’s clear that the ability to distribute applications and services across diverse cloud environments is a top priority for customers. Furthermore, the recent union of Broadcom and VMware promises to expedite the delivery of robust multi-cloud solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

VMware’s Potential

VMware has emerged as a potent force in the technology landscape, with ambitious plans to invest an additional $2 billion annually in research and development. This commitment, combined with the deployment of VMware’s solutions, positions the company to unlock even more customer value. With a focus on stability, growth, and world-class security, VMware aims to provide customers and partners with a powerful multi-cloud platform that can catalyze innovation across their entire range of applications.

Embracing the Multi-Cloud Future

The future of enterprise IT undeniably lies in the multi-cloud arena, a notion reinforced during my time at VMware Explore. VMware’s innovation in this space is particularly noteworthy. The announcement of the next evolution of VMware Cloud promises to empower customers in their digital transformation journey. These innovations, including NSX+, vSAN Max, and Ransomware Recovery, are set to streamline the adoption of the right cloud infrastructure, making it more cost-effective for customers to operate multiple VMware Cloud environments as if they were a single unified cloud ecosystem.

Tanzu’s Role in Multi-Cloud Strategy

VMware also unveiled exciting developments in its Tanzu portfolio. This expanded Tanzu Application Platform facilitates app delivery and optimization across any cloud environment, aligning seamlessly with VMware’s multi-cloud strategy. These developments reaffirm Tanzu’s central role in VMware’s software portfolio, ensuring it remains pivotal even after the acquisition closes.

AI: Pioneering the Future of Enterprises

Amid the buzz and anticipation at the conference, AI took center stage. Generative AI, in particular, captured the spotlight, with experts foreseeing its evolution mirroring past disruptive technologies. As AI matures, it promises to make companies smarter, enabling them to deliver superior services to their customers. VMware is at the forefront of this transformation, introducing the VMware Private AI Foundation. This initiative brings compute capacity and AI models to where enterprise data is generated, processed, and consumed, be it in a public cloud, enterprise data center, or the edge. Financial services firms are already leveraging generative AI to enhance investment decisions and reduce customer wait times through virtual assistants, underscoring the potential of this technology.

Conclusion: A Bright Future Ahead

As we advance through the regulatory review process, we anticipate the deal between Broadcom and VMware to be finalized by October 30, 2023. The prospects of this collaboration are immense, as it brings together two engineering-first, innovation-centric cultures. Together, Broadcom and VMware are poised to address and resolve the ever-evolving needs of our customers, ushering in an era of transformative solutions and technological excellence. The journey ahead promises to be nothing short of remarkable.

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