VMware: Introducing ESXi Lifecycle Management Service

On August 21st, 2023, VMware unveiled a game-changing solution set to redefine the management of ESXi fleets within vSphere environments hosted on VMware Cloud. This groundbreaking revelation is none other than the Early Availability (EA) release of VMware ESXi™ Lifecycle Management Service.

A Simpler Path to ESXi Fleet Management

The VMware ESXi Lifecycle Management Service is set to revolutionize the way we manage ESXi fleets across multiple vCenters and customer data centers. This visionary service is designed to simplify the rollout of vSphere upgrades and updates, promising a seamless experience for administrators. Let’s dive into the benefits of embracing this innovation:

  • Implement standardization across vCenter and data centers
    • Implement approved images in all data centers
    • Have full compliance of install images
    • Stay current with ESXi versions
  • Avoid or reduce potential security breaches
    • Apply security patches as soon as they are released
    • Stay on top of security compliance
  • Faster upgrades and reduced overall maintenance window
    • Best practices and procedures are built into workflows
    • Parallel upgrades of similar clusters across vCenters
  • Higher chances for upgrade success
    • Run pre-upgrade checks to find issues ahead of time
    • Stage and prepare clusters and hosts for upgrade prior to rollout
  • Faster resolutions from VMware support
    • Contextual help and KB search
    • Easy “Create Support Request” button
    • Faster resolution with telemetry and logs

End-to-End Lifecycle Operation Workflows

The ESXi Lifecycle Management Service offers a comprehensive suite of lifecycle operation workflows. This includes notifications for new updates, qualifications of updates for related objects like clusters and hosts, and the ability to group target objects for prechecks and updates. Administrators can effortlessly track the status of update workflows, identifying which objects are in progress, have succeeded, or failed. In the event of update failures, you can drill down to the host level, examining basic logs to troubleshoot issues and retry update workflows.

Early Access Opportunity

For those eager to be on the cutting edge, VMware is extending an invitation to participate in the early availability trials of ESXi Lifecycle Management Service. These exclusive trials, hosted within the VMware environment, offer a firsthand experience of this groundbreaking solution. If you’re ready to revolutionize your ESXi fleet management, simply scan the QR code below, fill out the form, and our team will promptly reach out to schedule your early availability trial.

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