What is vSphere Diagnostic Tool and how to use it?


In the ever-evolving world of virtualization, ensuring the smooth operation of vSphere environments is paramount for businesses and IT professionals. Recognizing this need, VMware has developed the vSphere Diagnostic Tool, a powerful Python script that promises to revolutionize troubleshooting within the vCenter Server Photon Appliance. In this article, we will explore the functionality and significance of this innovative tool and how it can enhance the efficiency of vSphere administrators.

The Motivation behind the vSphere Diagnostic Tool

The primary motivation behind the creation of the vSphere Diagnostic Tool was to simplify and accelerate the process of isolating issues encountered in the vSphere environment. With this tool, vSphere administrators can now run diagnostic commands directly on the vCenter Server Photon Appliance, yielding valuable troubleshooting data without relying on upstream dependencies. This means administrators can perform essential tests within their local environment, reducing the time and effort spent on identifying and resolving issues.

Key Features and Functionality

The vSphere Diagnostic Tool offers an array of Pass/Fail tests that swiftly facilitate the rapid isolation of potential issues. Its set of self-contained Python and Bash scripts is designed to perform a variety of tests for vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 or newer installations. Some of the key tests include:

  1. vCenter Basic Info: Provides essential information about the vCenter Server, such as version, build number, and system status.
  2. Lookup Service Check: Verifies the functionality of the Lookup Service, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  3. AD Check: Validates Active Directory (AD) connectivity and authentication, crucial for enterprise environments.
  4. vCenter Certificate Check: Ensures the integrity and validity of SSL certificates in the vCenter Server.
  5. Core File Check: Monitors for core files that may indicate system instability or crashes.
  6. Disk Check: Examines disk usage and health to identify potential storage-related problems.
  7. vCenter DNS Check: Validates the DNS configuration, ensuring proper name resolution.
  8. vCenter NTP Check: Verifies the Network Time Protocol (NTP) synchronization, critical for time-sensitive operations.
  9. vCenter Port Check: Ensures that essential ports are open and accessible for smooth communication.
  10. Root Account Check: Tests the root account for authentication and permissions.
  11. vCenter Services Check: Verifies the status and health of essential vCenter services.
  12. VCHA Check: Ensures the VMware vCenter High Availability (VCHA) configuration is functioning as expected.

Efficient Reporting and Next Steps

The vSphere Diagnostic Tool utilizes a straightforward Pass/Warning/Fail status for each test, making it easy for administrators to understand the results. Moreover, the tool provides additional knowledge sources, such as Knowledge Base (KB) articles, for Warning and Fail results, assisting administrators in identifying the next steps to resolve any issues. The clarity and transparency of the results empower administrators to act swiftly and decisively in troubleshooting.

Community Collaboration and Future Plans

The vSphere Diagnostic Tool is currently in the Alpha phase, with a select group within Support testing its capabilities. Feedback from this group has been overwhelmingly positive, with no reported false positives to date. VMware’s team is actively open to receiving feedback from the community and encourages users to report any issues or concerns to project_pulse@vmware.com. This collaborative approach ensures that the tool continues to improve and evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of vSphere administrators.

Looking forward, VMware has ambitious plans for the vSphere Diagnostic Tool. With a backlog of over 100 new features in development, the team aims to expand its capabilities, making it available in all current and future VMware products with PhotonOS appliances, as well as ESXi. This commitment to continuous improvement underscores VMware’s dedication to providing robust and efficient solutions to its customers.


The vSphere Diagnostic Tool represents a groundbreaking step forward in the world of vSphere troubleshooting. By enabling local diagnostic tests without upstream dependencies, it empowers administrators to swiftly identify and resolve issues, ensuring the smooth operation of their vSphere environments. With an active community collaboration and an ambitious roadmap for future developments, this tool is set to become an indispensable asset for vSphere administrators worldwide. Embrace the power of the vSphere Diagnostic Tool and embark on a journey towards unparalleled efficiency and reliability in your vSphere environment.

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