Experience the Future of Virtualization with VMware Workstation 2023 Tech Preview

Virtualization has revolutionized the way we use computers, allowing us to run multiple operating systems on a single physical machine. One of the leading players in the virtualization space is VMware, and they have recently unveiled an exciting glimpse into the future with the release of VMware Workstation 2023 Tech Preview. As a user, you now have the opportunity to test this cutting-edge product and explore its latest features firsthand.

What’s New in VMware Workstation 2023 Tech Preview?

The latest version of VMware Workstation comes with a smaller feature scope, but it packs a punch with a host of under-the-hood changes, enhanced security, and improvements to the CLI and REST API. While there may not be an overwhelming number of new features at this stage, we can expect more to be unveiled in the general availability (GA) release. Here’s what you can find in the Tech Preview:

  1. Virtual Trusted Platform Module Support with OVF Import/Export: When exporting, a ‘placeholder’ TPM device is created to meet template requirements while safeguarding sensitive information stored on the vTPM device of the source virtual machine.
  2. VTPM and Encrypted VM with vmrun and vmrest: VMRUN has been enhanced to support power operations (Start, Stop, Reset, Suspend, Pause, Unpause) in GUI mode, offering a more seamless experience.
  3. Virtual Hardware Version 21: The latest virtual hardware version brings improved performance and compatibility.

Additionally, VMware Workstation 2023 Tech Preview boasts under-the-hood improvements, such as NVMe 1.3 support, ensuring that users can harness the full potential of modern hardware.

Why Should You Participate in Testing VMware Workstation 2023 Tech Preview?

As an esteemed user of VMware Workstation, your participation in testing the Tech Preview is crucial. It offers several benefits to both you and the VMware development team:

  1. Early Access to New Features: Testing the Tech Preview allows you to explore and familiarize yourself with the latest features before the official release. This early access empowers you to provide valuable feedback on any issues or bugs, which can then be addressed by VMware, ensuring a more polished final product.
  2. Compatibility Testing for Windows 11: With Windows 11 being the latest operating system from Microsoft, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with virtualization software. By participating in the Tech Preview, you can identify any potential compatibility issues and make the necessary adjustments well in advance.
  3. Shaping the Future of the Product: Your feedback and insights play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of VMware Workstation 2023. By actively participating in the testing process, you have the opportunity to influence the development and make a positive impact on the final product’s performance and stability.

How to Get Started with VMware Workstation 2023 Tech Preview

Participating in the VMware Workstation 2023 Tech Preview is a straightforward process:

  1. Download and Install the Tech Preview: Head over to the VMware website and download the Tech Preview for your Windows or Linux machine. Installation is a breeze, and you’ll be up and running in no time.
  2. Check the Testing Guide: Before diving in, familiarize yourself with the Testing Guide provided by VMware. It offers valuable instructions and insights on how to make the most of the Tech Preview.
  3. Install or Upgrade to Windows 11: For users intending to test VMware Workstation 2023 with Windows 11, the Testing Guide includes step-by-step instructions on installation and VMware Tools setup.
  4. Explore and Provide Feedback: Now comes the fun part! Engage with the Tech Preview, run applications, and test their capabilities. If you encounter any issues or have feedback, share them with the VMTN Workstation Tech Preview 2023 Community, where VMware welcomes and appreciates user input.


VMware Workstation 2023 Tech Preview is an exciting leap into the future of virtualization. By participating in the testing process, you become an integral part of the development journey, helping VMware shape the software into a more stable, reliable, and feature-rich product. Embrace the opportunity to explore the latest advancements in virtualization technology, provide feedback, and be a driving force behind the evolution of VMware Workstation. Happy virtualizing!

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