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VMware Aria Migration emerges as a one-stop-shop multi-cloud migration service, aiming to simplify and expedite the complex task faced by organizations on their multi-cloud journey. Its comprehensive approach encompasses three core migration capabilities: assessment, planning, and execution. The current release focuses on providing assessment capabilities, with subsequent releases planned to offer the remaining planning and execution functionalities, completing the solution as an end-to-end service and delivering a seamless migration experience.

The migration assessment capability is available for free, reducing the time and effort required to scope a planned migration and providing insights into the target cloud requirements and total cost of ownership (TCO) impact. It’s important to note that accessing the free migration assessment service through VMware Aria Migration doesn’t require subscribing to additional services.

The assessment service covers workloads comprising up to 2,000 virtual machines (VMs) and 500,000 network flows. Real-time inventory and dependency collection from vCenter(s) will be accessible for the initial 30 days, after which all assessment data will be securely deleted.

As VMware Aria Migration progresses, it will introduce the migration planning capability, enabling organizations to reduce migration risks by designing target cloud configurations and planning/scheduling migration pipelines based on data-driven decisions. Additionally, the migration execution capability will automate migrations through workflows, offering measurement, analysis, reporting, and rollback features to provide peace of mind.

To access the complete suite of migration services, including planning and execution capabilities, organizations can subscribe to a paid subscription service. This comprehensive approach empowers businesses with the necessary tools and features to successfully navigate their migration journey while streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Migration Use Cases (Scenarios):

The VMware Aria Migration team has carefully planned the support for migration use cases (also known as scenarios) across a variety of cloud environments. In its initial release, the focus is on facilitating migration assessments from on-premises vSphere environments to VMware Cloud on AWS. However, the team is committed to expanding the range of supported use cases for the free migration assessment service in the future.

It is important to note that regardless of the chosen migration target, all customers can take advantage of the core capabilities offered in this release. These capabilities include discovery, application grouping, and dependency analysis, which are essential for a comprehensive assessment, regardless of the specific use case or cloud environment selected by the user.

Key Features of VMware Aria Migration’s Migration Assessment:

  1. Live Data Collection: The assessment service utilizes live data collection to provide accurate assessments, allowing you to make data-driven decisions. This means you can perform inventory-based assessments directly from your own vCenter(s), ensuring the assessment is based on real-time information.
  2. Data Import and Offline Data Addition: VMware Aria Migration offers the flexibility to import data from various sources, such as RVTools, and add offline data in layers. This capability enables you to incorporate additional data and enhance the accuracy of the assessment. Additionally, you can export data from VMware Aria Migration for use with other tools, facilitating seamless integration with your existing workflows.
  3. Machine Learning for Application Discovery: Leveraging machine learning technology, the service automatically groups machines into applications. This application discovery process considers resource usage-based categories, such as high, medium, and low storage, CPU, or memory. By identifying and categorizing applications, you gain valuable insights into your environment’s composition and resource utilization.
  4. Intelligent Scoping: VMware Aria Migration empowers you to scope the migration based on your preferred migration style. Whether you choose to migrate by vLAN or applications, the system’s intelligence assists in scoping the assessment accordingly. The service offers flexible filters for coarse-grained or fine-grained scoping, allowing you to define the scope based on various factors such as cluster, vCenter tag, resource usage, or vCenter folder.
  5. Application Dependency Analysis: To ensure a comprehensive assessment, VMware Aria Migration enables you to analyze application dependencies. This analysis provides insights into the relationships and dependencies between different applications, helping you make informed decisions regarding what to include or exclude in the migration scope. Understanding application dependencies is crucial for effectively planning and executing a successful migration.

By leveraging these key features, VMware Aria Migration empowers organizations to conduct accurate assessments, make informed migration decisions, and gain valuable insights into their environment to streamline the migration process.

Additionally, VMware Aria Migration offers the capability to perform a cost-benefit analysis of VMware Cloud on AWS when compared to your existing on-premises environment. This feature enables you to evaluate the financial implications of migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS and assess the potential cost savings, performance improvements, and other benefits that can be achieved by transitioning to the cloud. By conducting a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, you can make an informed decision regarding the feasibility and advantages of migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS for your organization.

VMware Aria Migration’s assessment service allows customization of business case assumptions aligned with Cloud Economics models. This includes cost drivers such as hardware, licensing, maintenance, networking, labor, and data center expenses. It provides projected target cloud TCO, compares source cloud TCO, and offers resource utilization comparisons. Sizing recommendations align with VMware Cloud Sizer for accuracy. Default cost values can be adjusted on the assumptions tab to improve TCO analysis accuracy.

To explore and try out the migration assessment risk-free, individuals can visit the VMware Aria Migration product page to learn more about the comprehensive features included in the free assessment. By signing up, users can gain access to the free migration assessment capabilities provided by VMware Aria Migration. A confirmation email will be sent with detailed instructions on how to access the service and initiate the migration assessment process.

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