Valentine’s gift from VMware: Discover What’s New in VMware ESXi 8.0b – A Comprehensive Release Notes GuideValentine’s gift from VMware

As a Valentine’s Day treat for IT administrators, VMware has just released a new patch for their virtualization software, ESXi 8.0b. This update promises to deliver a range of exciting new features and improvements to the platform, enhancing performance, stability, and security. IT admins and system administrators who are responsible for managing and maintaining virtual environments are sure to be delighted with the new release, as it introduces several key enhancements that make it easier to configure, manage and secure virtual machines. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the ESXi 8.0b release notes and explore some of the key features and benefits that IT administrators can expect from this latest update.

What’s New?

  • ESXi 8.0.b supports vSphere Quick Boot on the following servers:
    • HPE:
      • ProLiant DL110 Gen10
      • ProLiant DL160 Gen10
      • ProLiant ML350 Gen10
    • Lenovo:
      • ThinkSystem SR 665

Build Details

Download Size:993.8 MB
Host Reboot Required:Yes
Virtual Machine Migration or Shutdown Required:Yes
ESXi Component – core ESXi VIBsESXi_8.0.0-1.20.21203435BugfixCritical
ESXi Install/Upgrade Componentesx-update_8.0.0-1.20.21203435esxio-update_8.0.0-1.20.21203435BugfixCritical
Broadcom Emulex Connectivity Division lpfc driver for FC adaptersBroadcom-ELX-lpfc_14.0.635.4-14vmw.800.1.20.21203435BugfixCritical
Mellanox 5th generation NICs (ConnectX and BlueField DPU series) core Ethernet and RoCE Drivers for VMware ESXiMellanox-nmlx5_4.23.0.36-10.2vmw.800.1.20.21203435BugfixCritical
VMware DesignWare I2C DriverVMware-dwi2c_0.1-7vmw.800.1.20.21203435BugfixCritical
Network driver for Intel(R) X710/XL710/XXV710/X722 AdaptersIntel-i40en_1.11.2.6-1vmw.800.1.20.21203435BugfixCritical
Pensando Systems Native Ethernet DriverPensando-ionic-en_20.0.0-0vmw.800.1.20.21203435BugfixCritical
ESXi Component – core ESXi VIBsESXi_8.0.0-1.15.21203431SecurityCritical
ESXi Install/Upgrade Componentesx-update_8.0.0-1.15.21203431esxio-update_8.0.0-1.15.21203431SecurityCritical
ESXi Tools ComponentVMware-VM-Tools_12.1.5.20735119-21203431SecurityCritical

Patch Download and Installation

For details on updates and upgrades by using vSphere Lifecycle Manager, see About vSphere Lifecycle Manager and vSphere Lifecycle Manager Baselines and Images. You can also update ESXi hosts without the use of vSphere Lifecycle Manager by using an image profile. To do this, you must manually download the patch offline bundle ZIP file from VMware Customer Connect. From the Select a Product drop-down menu, select ESXi (Embedded and Installable) and from the Select a Version drop-down menu, select 8.0. For more information, see the Upgrading Hosts by Using ESXCLI Commands and the VMware ESXi Upgrade guide.

Update via ESXi shell

esxcli network firewall ruleset set -e true -r httpClient

esxcli software profile update -p ESXi-8.0b-21203435-standard \

esxcli network firewall ruleset set -e false -r httpClient

NOTE: a reboot is necessary to finalize the installation process

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