Photon OS 5.0 Beta: Get Your Hands on the Latest Update Today!


Photon OS is an open-source Linux operating system designed for cloud-native applications, cloud platforms, and VMware infrastructure. It is optimized to run containers, offering a minimal footprint and fast boot times. Photon OS provides a secure environment for deploying applications in virtualized and cloud environments.

The Photon OS team has announced the availability of the beta release of Photon OS 5.0. This release is available in pre-packaged binary formats including bootable ISO, pre-installed OVA, Amazon AMI image, Google GCE image and Azure VHD. The Photon OS 5.0 beta images can be downloaded here:

What is new:

  • cgroupsv2 is enabled by default on Photon OS 5.0 Beta
  • Administrators can patch a running kernel without reboot with Kernel Live Patching
  • Improved security with containerd support for running containers as unprivileged users (rootless).
  • pmd-nxtgen brings non-intrusive API-based configuration and monitoring of system services like systemd, networking, user management, package management etc.
  • The Network Configuration Manager simplifies network configuration and administration for administrators by consolidating actions.
  • Support for XFS and BTRFS filesystems
  • Photon OS 5.0 kernel enables support for Intel Sapphire Rapids CPUs
  • The Linux RT Kernel enhances low-latency performance, stability, and debugging capabilities.
  • Upgrade of the critical packages like linux, gcc (12.2), glibc(2.32), systemd (252.4), python(3.11.0) etc.

Photon OS 2.0 – End of Support

As of January 2023, Photon OS 2.x will no longer receive security fixes, package upgrades, bug fixes, or feature enhancements. Consequentially, Photon 2.x base container images will also no longer be published on Docker Hub. Upgrade to the latest version of Photon OS is highly recommended for all users of Photon OS 2.x.

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