Get your free VMware Workstation! – VMware Workstation Public Tech Preview 22H2

To write this tech review prompted me a conversation on my FB group, where user were asking if Windows 11 will work with VMware Workstation PRO 16, as he cannot see the option for Windows 11 in supported systems. The answer is of curse it will work, however, Workstation was missing this crucial assurance. Now with the 22H2 version, it has been changed and we have official Windows 11 on the list of supported operating systems.

I will show you how to get a free copy of the VMware Workstation 22H2 at the end of this article. First, let’s look at the new features this hypervisor offers us.

Welcome to Windows 11

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article the most welcome change is support for Windows 11. VMware Workstation for Windows and Linux now supports Windows 11 operating systems for x86_64 CPU types and Apple Silicon with 2D GFX and Networking.

Virtual Trusted Platform Module

In order to support Windows 11 requirements, a Trusted Platform Module is required. To support virtual TMP, VMware enhanced the module by incorporating Fast Encryption, key auto-gen, and key storage via Keychain. If the virtual machine has either Full or Fast VM encryption enabled, then you can add vTMP.

Fast Encryption

In order to improve overall virtual machine performance and not compromise security, Workstation 22H2 is offering users fast encryption. With Fast Encryption on a virtual machine, only the most critical parts of the VM’s local storage space are encrypted.  Fast Encryption can be enabled for all VM types from the VM Settings. > Encryption window, or during the New virtual machine creation.

Encryption Key Auto-Generate and Store

The Fast Encryption tab has an option to auto-generate a password for the user, and store it in Credential Manager or local keychain on Linux or Mac machines. This function is extremely handy as it relieves the user from having to type the password in whenever their VM boots.

Auto Generate Password on Mac, source:

Autostart VMs

VMware Workstation 22H2 offers now autostart function, to start virtual machines when your workstation boots automatically.

2D Graphics Drivers for Windows on ARM

To deliver Windows 11 looking as good as it can, we are shipping an early version of our graphics drivers. This WDDM driver allows users to adjust the display setting within Windows to deliver 4K and higher resolutions. 

OpenGL 4.3

Workstation for Windows and Linux, when used with a Linux VM that has a kernel of 5.18 or newer and Mesa 22.1.1, should notice that OpenGL now reports its version at 4.3 and OpenGL ES at 3.10.

vmxnet3 Networking Drivers for Windows on ARM

Windows do not include a vmxnet3 network driver for Windows on ARM, the VMware Tools ISO on ARM contains the 2 currently supported drivers for graphics and networking.  

How to get your free copy of VMware Workstation 22H2?

NOTE: If you already have VMware Workstation installed, you would need to uninstall it before the 22H2 installation.

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