Goodbye VMworld. Welcome, VMware Explore!

The first time I saw the headline there will no longer be a VMworld event, I was surprised and a bit sad, but then I read that there is something called VMware Explore. VMware has renamed the VMworld even to VMware Explore.

Why has VMworld been transformed into VMware Explore? 

With a hyper-focus on customer innovation, VMware defining a new market category—with apps and multi-cloud at the centre of everything they do. VMware is moving forward with efforts to reinvent itself, even with the tech show. It is no longer a company that simply develops a hypervisor and allows you to run virtual machines. To communicate this shift in focus, VMware has announced VMware VMworld renamed to VMware Explore

What’s new in content?

.Attendees can expect feature-rich technical content – both in-person and on-demand – along with more business-oriented sessions, customer success stories, community corners, and a renewed attendee experience. Attendees will learn about multi-cloud and edge architectures from the perspective of VMware product experts and industry thought leaders, as well as how to streamline developer experiences and DevOps practices across applications. VMware Explore will remain familiar to previous VMworld attendees in many ways and will offer numerous new opportunities for discovery.

When and where will VMware Explore be in 2022? 

VMware Explore US will take place in San Francisco at the Moscone Center, August 29 – September 1, 2022, and VMware Explore Europe will take place in Barcelona at the Fira Gran Via, November 7 – 10, 2022. VMware Explore will also be hosted in the following countries:  

Brazil: October 19 – 20 

Singapore: November 15 – 16 

Japan: November 15 – 16 

China: November 17 – 18 

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