Angry Admin blog made it! I received vExpert 2022 award!

The first time I heard about vExpert program it was around June 2021. My blog was only 3 months old and I knew it was too soon to apply. The next cycle for application was November/December 2021. As blogging became my passion, I made myself a goal to grow my blog and to try to apply once application process opens. I waited impatiently.

Finally the day come. I opened application and … I realized that my blog, YouTube channel and Twitter may be not enough. However I said to myself, what do I have to lose? And the answer was NOTHING!

I filled out application and forgot about it but… nope, I will not lie to you, I was looking at the calendar waiting for process to be over. However I did not keep great hope to be accepted.

Few days later I was invited to VMware Social Media Advocacy where I could submit my blog’s posts and share others posts. This helped me to grow the audience.

But the most unexpected happened on January 26th. That day I received email form VMware Communication Manager asking me to take a part in VMware podcast about log4j vulnerability. They loved one of my post related to the issue. You can read about it more here -> Angry Admin was a guest on VMware CMTY Podcast #593

During the show Corey Romero announced that application process has been closed and emails have been sent. I imminently checked my mail box, however I did not see any notification. As this was my first time on the show, on any show, I was a bit stressed and I missed the chance to ask @vCommunityGuy about my application.

I decided to make a joke about it, however, again I was to stressed and once was my queue to talk I simply stated I don’t know if my application made it.

After few minutes Eric told me that yes, Corey had a look and … yes, I was awarded vExpert 2022!


I am very grateful to whole community of vExperts for accepting me, and I cannot wait to see how the program works and become permanent member of the community.

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