VxRail: Unusual recommended upgrade sequence for 7.0.320

As we know by now, performing a vCenter upgrade to version 7.0 U3c will trigger a new pre-check before vCenter is updated. This pre-check will attempt to identify if your hosts can cause conflict due to the i40enu driver known as the “dual i40en driver conflicts”.

NOTE: This pre-check error will occur only for vCenters managed by the customers (external). VxRail Clusters with internal vCenter are automatically upgraded by the VxRail Upgrade/LCM process and do not require any manual interaction

Therefore DELL is recommending performing a VxRail upgrade before upgrading the customer-managed vCenter version. VxRail engineering has released VxRail version 7.0.320 which can upgrade your VxRail environment before you upgrade your vCenter.

NOTE: Above is valid for VxRail clusters running VxRail versions 7.0.240, 7.0.241, or 7.0.300

As this is not a standard and recommended upgrade sequence process will not update vSAN Diskgroup or vDS. When both the VxRail Clusters and customer-managed vCenter are updated using the above workflows, the customer will need to manually update the vSAN Diskgroup on-disk format and the vDS versions.

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