Using Virtual Reality with VMware

Today I attended a very interesting session at VMworld2021 about using Virtual Reality to administrate vSphere. The possibilities are endless. From having look at the infrastructure to moving VMs between hosts (vMotion by moving a hand). Bring your datacenter to life (virtually), teleport to different locations, pick up your virtual machines to find out more information, and drop them in the trash can to delete them.


On the screenshot we can see four hosts labeled esx01.mydomain.local esx02, esx03, esx04. If we moved closer to ESXi hosts, we can read the make and model of our hosts.

On the top of the ESXi, there are VMs, called Project. In this environment, you can pick up VM and have a look at it, gathering all the information needed. The next step will be to move one VM to another host.

What are the requirements?

You can try this solution even if you do not have datacenter or you do not want to test on your one. Simply run a mock vCenter 6.5 REST endpoint with some basic functionality, just enough to get this demo going with 4 hosts and a number of VMs.

If you are interested in this project, please refer to this documentation:

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