vROps 8.5 Hot Fix! Fixing EP Ops adapter, SNMP Trap Plugin, memory heap size and many more!

After upgrading my vRealize Operations Manager to 8.5 I received an alert stating that:

Realize Operations Manager Cluster-angry-admin-adm01 has symptom Describe Failed
Describe Failed For: EP Ops Adapter

In Redescribe section I saw that EP Ops Adapter has status not working

However once I checked Administration -> Inventory -> Adapter Instances, I could see that EP Ops Adapter is collecting data:

I learned that issue was reported after the release of 8.5 and since then has been fixed with a hotfix.

Here is a Run List:

  1. Take a snapshot of every node in the vROps cluster
  2. Download the vRealize Operations 8.5 Hot Fix 1 PAK file from the VMware Patch Portal
    • The Release name is vROps-8.5.0-HF1
    • File name is vRealize_Operations_Manager_ProxyRC-8.4.0-to-
  1. Login to vROps Administrator interface https://FQDN_or_IP/admin
  2. Go to Software Update in the left panel
  3. Click Install a Software Update in the main panel
  4. You will be logged out from Administrator interface
  5. Log back into the primary node Administrator interface
NOTE: The main Cluster Status page appears and cluster goes online automatically. The status page also displays the Bring Online button, but do not click it!
  1. Clear the browser caches and if the browser page does not refresh automatically, refresh the page
  2. Once status changes to Going Online -> Online, the upgrade process is completed.
NOTE: If a cluster fails and the status changes to offline during the installation process of a PAK file update then some nodes become unavailable. To fix this, you can access the Administrator interface and manually take the cluster offline and click Finish Installation to continue the installation process.

For full list of issues fixed by this hotfix, please refer to VMware KB

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