How to integrate vCenter HSM (DELL OpenMange) with vLCM (Lifecycle Management)

NOTE: This is for non-vSAN environment running Dell servers

Using the Dell OpenManage integration with vLCM , we would create a desired state for image, driver and firmware for all ESXi servers in the environment. The desired state configuration is stored in vCenter and we can modify/update as needed. We can update/patch the image, drivers and firmware at the cluster level from the vCenter UI. We no longer need to run separate tasks to update firmware, drivers and OS individually. vLCM takes care of all upgrade tasks with a single click.


  1. Same make and model of ESXi hosts in a cluster.
  2. DRS set up to Fully Automated.
  3. Consistent iDRAC credentials.
  4. Consistent root password.
  5. HSM (in my case Dell OpenManage).
  6. vCenter 7+, ESXi 7+.
  7. Properly configured iDRAC for remote firmware/drivers management.
  8. Properly configured ESXi with vMotion.
  9. vLCM/HSM communication to iDRAC.

Few things to consider:

  • If iDRAC firmware is too far behind, HSM can’t update to the latest firmware. Please ensure that iDRAC firmware is always updated.
  • As of July 1st 2021, the mininal iDRAC firmware version is (iDRAC-with-Lifecycle-Controller_Firmware_G6W0W_WN64_3.30.30.30_A00.EXE) for HSM.
  • Ensure that the HSM appliance is updated to the latest version along with the vCenter version.
  • Ensure VMs are not mounted with an ISO which blocks vMotion and maintenance mode.
  • Ensure VMs are stored on a shared storage or they can’t vMotion and block maintenance mode.
  • If you are using local storage, downtime is required.


  1. Open OpenManage Integration
  1. Configure OpenManage integration for vCenter
  1. Select the vCenter
  1. Create host credential profile
  1. Create a host credential profile
  1. Create a profile that matches the make and model
  1. Enter iDrac credentials
  1. Enter ESX root password.

NOTE: This is optional for ESXi 6.5 and newer

  1. Select the cluster
  1. Select the hosts from the cluster.
  2. Click on BEGIN TEST to test credentials
  1. Set up inventory retrieval schedule
  2. Hit APPLY once done
  1. Set up warranty retrieval schedule
  2. Hit APPLY once done
  1. Set up event and alarms
  2. Hit APPLY once done
  1. Finish host profile creation

Adding hosts to the host credential profile:

  1. Open OpenManage Integration
  1. Edit the host credential profile

Creating cluster profile:

  1. Create a cluster profile
  1. Name the cluster profile
  1. Associate profiles and select the default firmware repository profile
  1. Associate clusters
  1. Schedule drift detection
  1. Check the summary page and click FINISH

Setting up a single image, vendor addon and firmware addon:

  • Single image set up is configured at the cluster level.
  • For firmware and driver addon, select the cluster profile.


  • Remediate at the cluster level. First run the PRE_CHECK.
  • Run REMEDIATE ALL if there are no issues

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