How to check if STS certificate is about to expire or expired already

By now you should know what to do if your STS certificate expire, but if you have been caught on this one here are simple steps to recover:

STS certificate expiration – “Signing certificate is not valid” error in VCSA 6.5.x,6.7.x or vCenter Server 7.0.x

NOTE: In vCenter Server version 6.5U3k6.7 U3j, or 7.0 U1, you receive a weekly notification when the vCenter Single Sign-On Security Token Service (STS) signing certificate is close to expiration. Notifications start 90 days before the STS certificate expires and turn into daily over the last week before expiration.

If you not running versions mentioned above then you can check STS certificate manually:

  • Download phyton script from VMware website or click here
  • Open script in text editor
  • SSH to VCSA
  • Create new file for example vi
  • Copy script’s body to your file
  • Run python

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