vROps – how to change Hostname, IP, or DNS

I was deploying new vROps 8.4. After deployment I could not connect my vCenter by hostname, only by IP, so that indicated that DNS was not working. For some reason wizard did not pass my DNS settings and I ended up with Google DNS and

So how to go about it to change it?

NOTE: If this was fresh deployment, there is no root password set up! You need to access vROps console from vCenter and login. Upon login you will be asked to set up root password.

NOTE: It is advisable to bring cluster offline before performing any changes.

Once root password is set:

  • SSH into your appliance using root
  • Run this tool: /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net
  • From here you can see your current configuration, change Default Gateway, hostname, DNS etc.
  • After the change, restart services or just simply reboot appliance
  • Don’t forget to bring cluster online.

NOTE: We hostname change it is advisable to perform storage vMotion to rename the folder and files of associated appliance.

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