VxRail – how to reset node to factory configuration

If you need to factory reset node here is a procedure, although I found it for V470F, It worked on my P570F servers and I bet it will be very similar for other Dell servers.

NOTE: The procedure is simple but if executed without proper planing it can lead to disaster.

NOTE: reset.py script is NOT for use on a VxRail running on Poweredge. In addition, the reset.py is not supported for use on systems that have been upgraded and support for reset is being deprecated.


  1. Restart the server
  2. Boot to BOOT Manager by pressing F11
  3. Choose One-shot UEFI Boot Menu (in V470F it was One time Boot Option)
  1. Choose Internal SD: RASRTOOL
  2. The RASRTOLL will load
  3. Choose Rapid Appliance Self Recovery (RASR)
  1. Appliance will load
  2. Select F for Factory Reset
  1. Read the warning and continue by typing Yes
  1. Type in disconnect to confirm understanding that operation may erase any external storage devices if attached.
  1. The process will start.
  1. Once finished, press q and type in Yes to reboot a host
  1. After reboot BIOS configuration will start. (If prompted press F11)
  1. System may reboot again
  2. Installation of ESXi will start

NOTE: Server may reboot again and you may lose connectivity

  1. Once it finished, one should see standard ESXi welcome screen

NOTE: After factory reset, all password are set to default. Please check https://angrysysops.com/2021/05/25/dell-emc-vxrail-default-password-list/ for password list

Step by step video:

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