Transfer failed: IO error during transfer : Unexpected EOF read on the socket

That error was a bummer. I was trying to deploy Dell SRS. When I received error: Transfer failed: IO error during transfer : Unexpected EOF read on the socket.

SITE NOTE: What is SRS – Secure Remote Services (formerly ESRS) is a highly secure, two-way connection between your Dell EMC products and Dell EMC Customer Support that helps customers avoid and resolve issues up to 73% faster*. Secure Remote Services is completely virtual and offers flexibility for enterprise environments of any size

Uncle Google did not help as most post was about similar issue but not exact my error. On the time I am writing this post it was only one post about this exact issue with no solution to offer.

I did some searching what java part of that error means and I found out that EOF java exception is related to error with uploading files. I read that OVF limitation depends on web browser and for instance: Firefox has 4 GB limit same a Microsoft browser, Chrome on other hand can handle larger files but it is not specified.

That would be right having a look that it says IO error during transfer

The question was what would cause failure in uploading files.

The OVF it self contain 3 files, but all of them were only 1.5 GB in size in total. So I could scratch web browsers limitation.

The another thing to consider was network latency. I was uploading files across the Ocean.

I decided to copy files to local print server and run deployment again.

That was it in my case. Deployment went through!

The other option was to deploy OVF from ESXi datastore.

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